There is absolutely no doubt now : the most important congress this year on Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering in Europe was really in Nice at the end of September 2015 !

The 10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE10) was held in conjunction with the 3rd European Congress of Applied Biotechnology (ECAB3) and the 5th EPIC European Process Intensification Conference (EPIC5). It also included the 15th Congress of the French Society of Chemical Enginering (SFGP). These events were organised by the SFGP and Live! By GL under the auspice of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) and the European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES).

Approximately 1800 people from all around the world (67 nationalities) attended the conference. The participation of industrialists (25%) and students (31%) was highly remarkable.

The scientific program was impressive, being composed of 5 symposia, 4 workshops, 6 plenary lectures, 82 keynotes and more than 700 oral communications organized in 202 sessions and 900 poster communications. These covered vast chemical and biochemical engineering topics, which reflected the latest scientific trends in their field.

For the first time in the history of this congress, a number of novel student events, including a student quiz, a thesis competition, a jobs forum and a breakfast meeting with senior researchers, were organised over the 5 days. These were greatly appreciated by the students, leaving them with unforgettable memories.

The exhibition area welcomed 39 compagnies in a very beautiful and pleasant space that was highly favourable for fruitful exchanges.

The next "rendez-vous" is in two years time in Barcelona ! (

Martine Poux - General coordinator - Toulouse University - France
Nicolas Roche
- Coordinator - Aix-Marseille University - France

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Chemical engineering and biochemical engineering for a NEW sustainable process industry in Europe

The economic crisis affecting Europe has brought back the typically taboo term "reindustrialization" into everyday vocabulary. Reindustrialization is the economic, social, environmental and political process of organizing national resources for the purpose of revitalizing industry and is often achieved through the development of new and innovative activities. That is the way of a neo-industrialization of Europe.

Industrial development is certainly one means for reindustrialization, especially since it will aide in restructuring the economy. Here, R&D sectors have a vital role in providing innovation and technical expertise and knowledge, which are essential for any ambitious industrial revitalization. Further, reindustrialization aims at developing traditional industries via the integration of new technologies and sustainability. For example, resolution of the petroleum crisis will require an entire reorganization of the economy, whereby less and less carbon energy is employed and replaced by sustainable solutions. In this situation, it is obvious that the chemical engineering will play an important role.

As reported by several economists, reindustrialization and development of industries of the future will need to consider three key fields: environment preservation and remediation, energy saving and human health protection, involving adapted education to new industrial challenges. The next ECCE - ECAB edition aims at participating in this large economical project, which concerns all Countries in Europe. It will welcome EPIC5, the 5th European Process Intensification Conference and also the 15ème Congrès de la Société Française de Génie des Procédés. Through four key scientific topics and a global theme, scientists and industrialists will present their steps towards a new sustainable process industry.

Martine Poux - General coordinator - Toulouse University - France
Nicolas Roche
- Coordinator - Aix-Marseille University - France




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